Attempting to link cells failing.

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Subject: Attempting to link cells failing.
Posted by:  Mike Barnard (m.barnard.trouse…
Date: Wed, 30 Jul 2008

This will be an easy one for you experts.

A sheet is called "WK1 1-4apr". At the bottom it has some countif
formulas. N404 is one of these. Naturally, the only thing visible in
the cell is the correctly functioning result.

In another sheet, "sheet1", I want to gather up the results from the
countifs in various sheets. Therefore I use the link option. Or
rather, I try to.

I click on WK1 1-4apr cell N404.
Click the copy button, the maquis appears. (Spelling?!:)
Go to sheet 1.
Click on the cell I want to display the result in N404.
Click on the paste button.

Now, I SHOULD get the result of N404 showing with a list of options,
of which I should click "Link cells". I actually get either a file
browse box, or the countif formula from N404 showing with a circular
reference. Huh?

Can anyone advise what I might be doing wrong in order to get a result
like this? I've tried typing the formula by hand. Also using keyboard
shortcuts instead of buttons.


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