if, and, or formula help please

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Subject: if, and, or formula help please
Posted by:  Tina
Date: Thu, 31 Jul 2008

I hope someone can help....

I am trying to get statistics on whether date deadlines have been met.  The
three columns I am working on are :-

the required by date (K5) (automatically calculated from elsewhere on the
the actual date (L5) the task was completed,
A yes/no column (M5).

I have used this formula  =IF(L5>=K5,"N","Y")

However, for some bizarre reason it is still giving me a "N" if the require
by date and the actual date are the same.

Also, when a task has not yet been completed, the "actual date" is blank,
but the yes/no column still shows a yes.  I cant figure out how to use the if
"" stuff to keep it blank unless both required by and actual dates are filled

Any help would be really appreciated.