onerror or catch exception/error on Excel?

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Subject: onerror or catch exception/error on Excel?
Posted by:  Defranco (ericofran…
Date: Wed, 4 Mar 2009


For years, when I have a calculation that could result in error I do
something like:

=if(iserr(A1/B1),C1, A1/B1)

So in case of A1/B1 result in some error, it will show C1 - it is a
nice solution for formula error management but there is a little
problem: I need to paste twice the formula (in this case "A1/B1" )...
one for testing and another for displaying the result - this is not
nice for long formulas.

Is possible to have some kind of "onerror()" or try() in Excel for
example it would be something like this:

=onerror(A1/B1, C1)

it would be very simple: in case of not generating an error it would
display A1/B1 result directly, but in case of error it would result

I'm asking about a single cell formula and A1/B1 is just an example (I
Know that I could test if B1=0 to avoid error, but this is just a
small example).

Sorry if this idea sounds stupids... I just want to know if I'm doing
the correct way for the last years (pasting the same formula twice
inside a single cell).

kind regards