Conditional protection question

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Subject: Conditional protection question
Posted by:  Robert (sparkman…
Date: Thu, 5 Mar 2009


I have a question about setting up my workbook to do conditional
protection. I have searched the internet for quite some time trying
find a solution to this problem.

As background, our users want to populate a 12 month forecast with
actuals from the complete month, and they want to be able to key in a
number for the future months.

Here's the situation: on tab1, called Instructions, I have a cell B9
that stores a value "Y" or "N". This corresponds to whether January
should be populated with Actuals or not.

On another tab, tab4, called Plan, if the value in Instructions!B9 is
Y, then column J is populated from the Actuals tab, but if the value
in Instructions!B9 is N, the cell is populated with 0.

I am able to accomplish everything with If statements through normal
Excel formulas. The thing I'm missing, though, is I would like to be
able to protect the column if it's being populated with Actuals so
that the user cannot overwrite the values that are populated from the
Actuals tab.

I have seen a very close example of this, so I think it's possible,
but I haven't been able to get it to work, and also I am confused
about a few points of coding. If someone can show me an example of
to code this, I would very much appreciate it, especially if they
would comment it well enough for me to follow it.

Here's the sort of things that confuse me as a total newbie:

1. Where do I put the code?
2. How do I refer to a value on another tab of the worksheet?


Robert Sparkman