Easy Question...Conditional formatting?

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Subject: Easy Question...Conditional formatting?
Posted by:  Vince (vinces…@hotmail.com)
Date: Thu, 5 Mar 2009

Hopefully this should be easy for all the experts...

Cells G4 thru R4 contain the text, "Act" or "For"

Cells G30 thru R30 are filled/shaded in red.
Cells G31 thru R30 are filled/shaded in red.
Cells G32 thru R32 are filled/shaded in red.

The cells which I have shader/filled in red....and with conditioning
formatting (or something else) I'd like to somehow referance cells G4 thru
R4 and if these cells contain "For" then leave the shaded as in.  However if
these cells (G4 thru R4) contain the word "Act" I'd like to remove the
fill/shading to no fill or shading.

Is this possible???