Typed numbers are divided by 10 (Excel 2007)

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Subject: Typed numbers are divided by 10 (Excel 2007)
Posted by:  FurPaw (furrealpawd…@gmail.com)
Date: Sun, 08 Mar 2009

I'm having a MAJOR problem with a new installation of Excel 2007
(Installed from the Ultimate Deal download).

Any number I _type_ into a cell is automatically divided by 10.
The only way I seem to be able to prevent this is by entering a
decimal point when I enter the number.

I've tried typing a number into a cell in a spreadsheet:
(a) opened with the "blank workbook" (new spreadsheet, Excel 2007)
(b) created with Excel 2003 and opened in Excel 2007
(c) created with Excel 2007 and emailed by someone who isn't
having that problem on his Excel 2007 installation

Have tried several different formatting options, although in 2007
I can't seem to find how to "uncheck" fixed decimals. Tried
General formatting and fixed decimal formatting, and nothing
seems to work - the number typed is divided by 10, appears that
way both in the cell and in the formula bar, and when I use it in
a formula it uses the original number divided by 10, not the
number as typed.

Looked for hidden macros, none show up when I click on View Macros.

When I copy and paste a number from a different spreadsheet, it
is entered correctly.

What is going on?  Is there anything I can do short of reinstalling?


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