Pasting conditional cell formatting onto other cells

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Subject: Pasting conditional cell formatting onto other cells
Posted by:  antw (antwe…
Date: Wed, 11 Mar 2009

Suppose you have a matrix of cells, say in C11:D12 for simplicity, upon
which you have imposed a conditional formatting scheme, so that, for
example, cell C11 is shaded yellow and D12 is shaded cyan. Also suppose that
the matrix in C11:D12 was derived from a matrix in A1:B2. Is there a simple
way to impose the shading in the C11:D12 matrix onto the matrix in A1:B2,
even though the conditional formatting imposed on C11:D12 is not applicable
to A1:B2?

Example: Here is C11:D12:
0.76  0.98
0.99  0.22
We impose on this matrix the conditional formatting scheme that all values
between 0.50 and 0.95 are to be shaded yellow and all values less than 0.50
are to be shaded cyan.

Now here is the matrix in A1:B2:
65  93
62  91

Is it possible (without individually shading each cell) to shade A1 (65) in
yellow and B2 (91) in cyan?