help with goal seek

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Subject: help with goal seek
Posted by:  Stephan (ask_and_maybe_I'll_tell)
Date: Wed, 11 Mar 2009

Hi all,
I have been using goal seek to solve for the input value to my equation.
my problem is that I have 100 instances to solve.

column B are the desired values,
column C are the input values.
column D is the result of my calculation applied to the column C values
column E is the difference between B and D.

I've thought I could use a macro to do this,
but it looks to me like macros only accept absolute references.
can anyone help me on how to understand this?

so as not to seem lazy, I have already searched for
an answer to this without success. Maybe I am not using the
correct terminology.

Years ago, when I was using quatro pro, one could put a macro
into a cell and use relative cell assignments for inputs, etc.
then copy the macro cell across and solve multiple input values
quite easily.

Thanks in advance for any help..