Chart Text Box Data Table

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Subject: Chart Text Box Data Table
Posted by:  Mark Schreiber
Date: Thu, 12 Mar 2009

For the boss, I would like to display a series of figures (as text) that are
derived from the data underlying a chart.  For example, the chart shows
electricity demand in kW over the course of the day.  In the upper corner of
the chart, I want to display the total usage in kWhr for the whole day, its
cost, and the percentage difference from our budget.  I know how to do this
with just one value: create a text box, then use the formula bar to enter
something like "=Sheet1!$C$4".  But to do that with all the information I
want to display would require about a dozen text boxes, and getting them all
to line up & look pretty is doubtful.  Is there a way to have such a text box
display multiple lines, or to have it display a range of cells?  Thanks.  Oh,
Excel2007 by the way.  Mark S.