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Subject: Re: Sorting
Posted by:  Dave Morison (davesexc…
Date: Sat, 14 Mar 2009

Jan Kronsell wrote:
> I have made a spreasheet for a friend. I G11 I have this fomula:
> =IF(I11="paid",B7-E11+F11,B7)
> end from G12 to G21 I have
> =IF(I12="paid",G11-E12+F12,G11)
> Now my friensd tries to sort the range from A11 to L21. based on column G,
> but this of coourse messes up the results in columns G, creating #VALUE!.
> messages in some cells, and wrong results in other.
> Is there anyway to create the formulas, so you can sort the spreadsheet, and
> still have the formulas pointing at the right cells?
> Jan
The content in the cells are sorted not the cells themselves.


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