Automatically Import a .BAS file/module

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Subject: Automatically Import a .BAS file/module
Posted by:  phdbd (phd…
Date: Sat, 14 Mar 2009

I'm using the ParseOutNames Function, which I lifted from CPearson, and it
works excellent.

The problem is the function will not work if the Module is in Personal.xls,
I have to manually Import my .bas file to the Active Workbook in the Visual
Basic Editor: File-->Import File-->Open.

Which would be okay, but I need to automate it so I can hand off a solution
to someone who is not an excel user.

I would like to create a macro that will go to the file ie (C:\Program
Files\Microsoft Office\Office10\XLStart\ParseOutNames.bas) and import it
automatically to the active workbook.  And the macro record feature doesn't
work when navigating around in the Visual Basic Editor.

If someone has the code for this it would be much appreciated, I've spent
hours researching this and can't find a solution