Distribute formula in Excel

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Subject: Distribute formula in Excel
Posted by:  george
Date: Mon, 16 Mar 2009

I have a cell range in Excel that includes numbers and strings. Is there any
way to distribute (“shuffling”) the values in the whole column, but in a way
to remain all the initial values that included before, in the first range?

Here a simple example.

Let’s say I have the range A1:A5 where is:

A1 = 7,23
A2 = 34
A3 = delta
A4 = 1,5
A5 = -57

Then a (non unique) solution could be:

A1 = -57
A2 = 1,5
A3 = 7,23
A4 = 34
A5 = delta

Any idea?

Thank you.