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Subject: Re: FILES made of cells
Posted by:  Pete_UK (pashur…
Date: Wed, 18 Mar 2009

Insert a new worksheet in the file, and in A1 of this worksheet enter
this formula:

=3DSheet1!C1&" "&Sheet1!D1&" "&Sheet1!E1&" "&Sheet1!F1

Copy this down as required.

When doing File | Save As with this new sheet selected, change the
File type to Text (*.txt), and it will only save the current sheet in
that text format.

Hope this helps.


On Mar 18, 12:06=A0pm, "RealInfo" <therighti.…> wrote:
> Hi
> How do I make a text file which every line in it is composed of several
> cells like
> line 1> C1 +' '+ D1 + ' ' + F1 etc
> line2 > C2 .....F2
> How do I generate that var that will be writen to the text file line by l=
> Thanks
> EC



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