Text Color Functions

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Subject: Text Color Functions
Posted by:  Mark Schreiber
Date: Wed, 18 Mar 2009

Does Excel have any text formatting functions that change the color of the
text?  For example, I have a cost spreadsheet that calculates the savings
achieved or excess cost of a project.  It is a very easy matter to apply
conditional formatting to the worksheet cells where those values, but that is
not what I need.  I am using the TEXT() function to pull those values into
another location as text, and would like to be able to carry their color
formatting with them somehow, so that in the transfer cell containing the
TEXT() function formula, a savings will still display as green font and a
cost overrun still display as red font.  Is there some kind of
TEXT(FONTCOLOR("&HF00F"), "$##,###) function that will do this?  I'm sure it
can be done with some VBA coding, but user-defined functions slow down the
application, and I have hundreds of cells containing the information I am
trying to format.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks.