List box activeX control and linkedcell value

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Subject: List box activeX control and linkedcell value
Posted by:  Sirpent0r
Date: Mon, 30 Mar 2009


I am creating a list box containing serveral characters from the wingdings
font set. I am using the activeX control version so I can set the font that
is displayed in the list box to display correctly. So it displays an arrow
symbol instead of the ASCII equivelent "é".

I would then like to have this single listbox containg these items be
applied to a range of cells instead of just one cell as defined by the
LinkedCell setting. I tried using a range in this field, but it only accepts
a single cell (for example A1). I would like to be able to have this apply to

Kind of like when the user clicks on the appropriate cell, say A2, the
linkedCell value changes to A2 and the appropriate symbol can be selected
from the drop down list. If the user selects A3, same thing.