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Subject: Text to Columns macro
Posted by:  Tonso (wthomas…@hotmail.com)
Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2011

I would like to automate importing data from a program into XL2003. I
use the text to column feature with good results. I can record a macro
to automate this. What I want to do is take it 1 step further so i
dont have to select the 1st column.
After I paste the data in, the region selected maybe, for example,
B3:H20, or A5:J15. Currently if the selected region is B3:H20, I have
to then select B3:B20, then invoke the text to column macro i
recorded. I would like the macro to:
1. Paste the data in the worksheet, beginning at whatever cell is
currently selected.
2. Select the 1st column of the data.
3. Perform the text to column function.

How can I do this?