Date Filling for Prior Year

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Subject: Date Filling for Prior Year
Posted by:  Mike Copeland (mrc23…
Date: Sun, 16 Jan 2011

I maintain my personal checkbook in an Excel (Office 2003)
spreadsheet, and (as usual) I have to add most of the entries for last
year's transactions this year (for US Income Tax preparation).  One
annoying thing I face each year is that I can't use the "shorthand" date
entry: for any date this year I can omit the year, but doing that for
_last_year's_date_ fills out this year's "year" value.
  Is that any way apart from changing the date on my computer to assign
last year's year for the shorthand?  That is, I want to enter "5/14" and
have it expand to "05/14/2010", etc.  Please advise.  TIA