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Subject: Multiple conditions
Posted by:  Dick (bobdel…
Date: Tue, 18 Jan 2011

My spreadsheet has 2 sheets, sheet1 & sheet2
Sheet1 has in column A a list of numbers, Column B the date, Column C
the amount
Sheet2 has the same numbers in Column A and the months in B, C, D, E,
F, etc... (12 months)
I'd like for excel to Sum Column C (Sheet1) by matching the SAME
numbers in Column A, with the Same month in Column B and total the
amounts in Column C and put the results in Sheet2 next to the SAME
number and the Same month.
Sheet1 would look like:
Column A Column B Column C
Number    Date        Amount
1234        1/1/2011      1
1234        1/5/2011      1
5678        1/10/2011    1
1234        1/20/2011    1

Sheet 2 would look like:
Column A Column B Column C Column D etc..
Number    Jan.          Feb.        March  etc...
1234          3              0            0
5678          1
Thanks in Advance!!!