SUMIF with alphanumeric criteria range question

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Subject: SUMIF with alphanumeric criteria range question
Posted by:  Steve (sy2…
Date: Sat, 15 Sep 2012

Dear group members,
I am trying to sum up entries from different categories represented by alph=
anumeric string. I need sums from multiple categories that are noncontinuou=
s, such as a sum for Education (H5000-H5200,X3500). How can I set the crite=
ria as sth like >H5000 AND <H5200 OR =3DX3500? Or how can I extract the num=
bers (I know how to separate letters from strings) and do SUMIFS with multi=
ple criteria? Or how can I build a function for this purpose?

In the sample below, the left column contains the categories and right colu=
mn their values.
contributor_category    PAC_sum
A1200    12500
B2400    3000
B4000    1500
C1100    2000
C2100    1000
C2200    6500
C4100    11000
C5120    1000
C5130    3000
D2000    10000
D3000    1000
D9000    1000
E1600    12500
E1610    2000

Thanks in advance!