Remove certain characters from a text string

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Subject: Remove certain characters from a text string
Posted by:  Andy Roberts (an…
Date: Sat, 15 Jun 2013

I have a cell which groups together text into 1 string as follows:-

Name    Address    Postcode

Cell formula is A1&", "&B1&", "&C1

This returns Name, Address, Postcode

However sometime the postcode isnt known or relevant so we insert N/A in the
postcode column.  When this happens the text string shows.... , N/A.  I want
to be able to maintain the 3 columns in the string but if it includes ",
N/A" then it should remove it, but if it has a valid postocde (i.e. anythin
other than N/A) then it should display this as normal.  I think the solution
lies with a nested FIND function but can't seem to get any joy.

Any ideas?


Win XP Pro
Office 2010