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Subject: Re: Remove certain characters from a text string
Posted by:  Andy Roberts (an…
Date: Sat, 15 Jun 2013

Thanks Guys for your fast response.  Im not sure either will work as h2so4
suggestion i think is assuming the N/A is an excel generated error when its
something we specifically enter into the postcode cell.  With your
suggestion Claus does it not require the postcode to be all numerical?  Im
in the UK and we have a mixture of alpha and numerical characters in our

If I'm mistaken here then happily shout at me ;-)


"Andy Roberts" <an…> wrote in message
>I have a cell which groups together text into 1 string as follows:-
> Name    Address    Postcode
> Cell formula is A1&", "&B1&", "&C1
> This returns Name, Address, Postcode
> However sometime the postcode isnt known or relevant so we insert N/A in
> the postcode column.  When this happens the text string shows.... , N/A.
> I want to be able to maintain the 3 columns in the string but if it
> includes ", N/A" then it should remove it, but if it has a valid postocde
> (i.e. anythin other than N/A) then it should display this as normal.  I
> think the solution lies with a nested FIND function but can't seem to get
> any joy.
> Any ideas?
> --
> Regards
> Andy
> Win XP Pro
> Office 2010


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