Expand Data Structure to One Record per Time Period

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Subject: Expand Data Structure to One Record per Time Period
Posted by:  sport0…@gmail.com
Date: Mon, 17 Jun 2013

I have a giant spreadsheet that I inherited, and I would like to change the=
data structure.  I would like to have each record (row) correspond to one =
date; currently it is set up with a beginning and end time period.  I think=
an example makes clear what I=92m hoping to do.  Does anyone have a sugges=
tion as to a relatively efficient way to go about this?  Any ideas would be=
much appreciated.=97Dan

Name     Location    Begin    End=09
A     XX        1    3
A    YY        4    6
A    ZZ        7    7
B    UU        3    5
B    VV        6    7

Name    Location    Date
A    XX        1
A    XX        2
A    XX        3
A    YY        4
A    YY        5
A    YY        6
A    ZZ        7
B    UU        3
B    UU        4
B    UU        5
B    VV        6
B    VV        7