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Subject: Summaries based on criteria
Posted by:  Andy Roberts (an…
Date: Tue, 18 Jun 2013

I has 2 sheets, one with all my data and a second which summaries it.

In my data sheet I have the following columns

Date            Name            Status        Price
01/01/11    Mr Smith      A                10.00
01/02/12    Mr Jones      A                15.00
01/03/12    Mr Tims        B                12.00
01/04/13    Mr Roberts  C                14.00
01/05/13    Mr Davis      C                10.00

What I want to be able to do on my summary sheet is have a dropdown with a
year in (cell A1) which I select and the data summaries for that year as

(Cell A2) No of People where status = A
(Cell A3) Total Price =

Hopefully my explanation makes sense



Andy Roberts
Win 7 Pro
Office 2010