All of a user's inbox disappears

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Subject: All of a user's inbox disappears
Posted by:  nathanlabel…
Date: Fri, 21 Dec 2007


Running Ex2007 with about 1600 mailboxes for the past 6 months and I
have one user who calls about every 2 months reporting that her email
is gone. I've looked at her computer and it happens if she is using
OWA or Outlook 2007 (I convinced her to stop using OWA on a regular
basis and use Outlook like the rest of our users several months ago).
I look at the mailbox on the server using the Mgmt Console and it
reports 0 items.

Today she called and said that her Contacts are gone (her sent items,
inbox, etc is still there). Usually when she calls it's her Inbox that
has vanished but today seems to be her contacts. If I log in to her
email in Outlook it's gone for me too. I have been restoring these
from backup when it happens.

Ok, so I've checked the server's event log (a single server running
all Ex2007 roles except Edge Trans.) and it is fairly clean -- nothing
that would indicate a problem with her mailbox storage. I've ran ExBPA
and it doesn't come back with anything.

Does anyone know what it could be?