strange exchange 2003 installation problems

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Subject: strange exchange 2003 installation problems
Posted by:  mania (kleptomani…
Date: Sat, 6 Mar 2010

running exchange 2003 with SP2 with less than 50 mailboxes on a domain
controller that’s server 2003 with SP2 , working perfect since a long time
except hardware bottelnecks ,so I decided to retire the old one with a new
server , the problem begins with the installation the service pack 2  of
exchange ,always failing the messaging and collaborating services ,tried to
install exchange on other member servers and the same problems ,event logs
full of unrelated errors ,servers cannot communicate with each other even
though they are in the same routing group ,smtp queue growing and servers
logging events related to smtp commands like "server sent ehlo instead of
halo" kind of unrelated errors .cannot access the directory tab of other
server properties (access deny) ,I followed MS articles with the error
numbers and no results ,when I run microsoft exchange best practice analizer
says cannot contact directory server, "WIM error access deny" ,I cheked the
permission on the registery keys for the WIM service and there were nothing
wrong, even though I'm able to move mailboxes to the new server ,reseted the
active directory permissions to the default again didn't work.
tried to run exchange best practice analizer after I installed IIS and ASP
componets before installing the exchange again the same error ,cannot
connect to directory service but installing the exchange server ,and
creating mailboxes and moving among each other .
followed the normal  troubleshooting tools for servers netdiag ,dcdiag on
the DC ,nltest and no errors .
forgot to mention that there's no firewall or network security applications
between the servers.
any advice will be appreciated.