WHy doesn't Outlook Live sync the calendar like it does in our own Exchange server

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Subject: WHy doesn't Outlook Live sync the calendar like it does in our own Exchange server
Posted by:  NZSchoolTech (nzschoolte…@education.nz)
Date: Tue, 30 Mar 2010

Good afternoon,

We are currently migrating our users from our onsite EX2007 server to hosted
Exchange (Outlook Live / Live@Edu).

One thing that is different with Exchange Live over Outlook 2007 is that
calendars aren't synced immediately like they are in the EX2007 server that
we have.

That is, if you make a change to your calendar, it isn't synced with the
server immediately. It usually happens when the next time comes around for
Outlook to sync with the server, which I think happens every 10 minutes or
so. But if you log on to the Outlook Live website and use Outlook Web App to
change the calendar, it syncs the changes immediately.

This is a fairly big deal in a group environment where people are sharing
calendars and they want to be able to see changes straight away, if there
are two people working on the same calendar they will not get the same
version as what Outlook has locally on the computer until it syncs back with
the server.

There are commercial third party products that claim they can make Outlook
sync immediatley, not with Outlook Live but with their own system, but the
Vueminder program claims it can make Google Calendars sync immediately
instead of waiting 10 minutes, so it must be possible and Outlook Web App
seems to be able to do, and Outlook can do it with your EX server in the
premises so I don't see why Microsoft have changed things with Exchange Live
hosting so that it doesn't sync the changes to a calendar immediately.

We want our users to be able to share their calendar using Outlook and have
it resync right away instead of this wait until the next time which is
inconvenient, but it looks like we will have to buy Vueminder instead and be
inconvenienced because it doesn't have the web based access that is
available on Exchange hosted.