Mailbox create issue

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Subject: Mailbox create issue
Posted by:  Craig Farrell (cef2NOJUNKMA…
Date: Mon, 9 Jul 2007

Recently added an Exchange 2007 server along with out Exchange 2003. Plan to
migrate all users to 2007 and phase out the 2003 server.

Since adding the Exchange 2007 server I have noticed and issue with adding
mailboxes. While on the Exchange 2003 server I created a new domain account
with exchange mailbox and placed in it in the Exchange 2003 store. Mailbox
shows in the 2007 console and shows to be on the 2003 server. I can not see
the mailbox with the exchange 2003 management console. Outlook for the user
will not connect to the mailbox. I moved the mailbox from exchange 2003 to
2007 server and back and then it works??