Public Folder Restore

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Subject: Public Folder Restore
Posted by:  Keith Russo (KeithRus…
Date: Tue, 17 Jul 2007

A user corrupted a bunch of contacts in one of our Public Folder contact
databases. I have a full backup using Veritas Backup Exchange Agent done the
night before.

I’m able to restore successfully but I’m not getting the result I hoped for.
I end up with the same fudged up contact database. I believe the issue is
Exchange being told to play back the transaction logs to update the restored
Public Folders Store.

Veritas has a feature called “Commit after restore”. In part the docs state
“If this option is not selected, the database is left in an intermediate
state and is not yet usable.”

My thought is I could mount the Public Folder Store, copy the contact
database to a .pst, restore again with commit select, and then copy back the
good database.