smtp: message submitted to categorizer

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Subject: smtp: message submitted to categorizer
Posted by:  Dirk (news.dba…
Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2007

Hi NG,

I wanted to sent a mail to a distribution list. The members of this list are
located on another exchange server exept one. We are on the same server.

This message was directly submitted to the categorizer.
I sent the same message with myself in CC and I received the mail.

I checked our Antivirus program and this mail was not blocked.
The DL has only 60 members, so the max. number of recipients (64000) was not
It was only a text mail, so no problem with the mail size.

I sent the mail to all users from the DL by choosing them from the global
addressbook and they all received the mail.

OS: Windows 2k SP4 with Exchange 2k SP3

Any ideas what kind of problem this is?

Thanks in advance