Remote access of Exchange 2000 email using Outlook 2007...

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Subject: Remote access of Exchange 2000 email using Outlook 2007...
Posted by:  Brad Pears (bra…
Date: Mon, 1 Jun 2009

Currently our sales force uses terminal services to access our systems and
exchange email when they are both in the office and on the road (remote
access). I am looking at purchasing and installing Outlook 2007 to replace
our old version (2002) on their laptops to access our Exchange data when in
the office and on the road. This would mean they could work offline in their
email when they do not have an internet connection available which would
give them access to their contact lists, calendar etc... etc.. I saw a demo
of Outlook 2003 a while back and it's synchronizing features were so much
simpler and better than Outlook 2002. Hopefully 2007 is at least as easy or
even better than 2003...

We have a Watchguard Firebox appliance and I was planning on configuring a
secure tunnel via VPN services on our Firebox whenever a remote user
connects. Is this really necessary with Outlook 2007 though when being used
in conjunction with an Exchange 2000 server or might this be a little
overkill? We are looking at moving up to Exchange 2007 within the next 6
months to a year and will be replacing all of our Outlook 2002 with 2007...

Just looking to see what other folks are doing when it comes to secure
remote exchange email access...

Thanks, Brad