Implementing and handling new MIME types in IE - help!

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Subject: Implementing and handling new MIME types in IE - help!
Posted by:  Philip Denno
Date: Thu, 21 May 2009

I hope I have posted this question in the correct forum, but if not please
feel free to redirect me.

What I want is to associate a file ending type and MIME type and have IE
call my program to handle it.

First I wrote a BHO, but found out quickly that this would not work. I then
realized that there are a series of keys in the registry under HKCR that map
file extension and MIME type to a CLSID and that the CLSID can be mapped to a

So the question really comes down to, how do I write the DLL so that IE can
load and call my handler?

Unfortnately there is very little documentation about this, just statements
that I have to write a COM aware DLL, however I am new to most of this.

Does anyone have any pointers to examples or clear documentation on how I
can acheive what I outlined?