InternetOpenUrl and local cache

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Subject: InternetOpenUrl and local cache
Posted by:  Si (blueturt…
Date: Tue, 4 Mar 2008


I'm using InternetOpenUrl, with the flags INTERNET_FLAG_RESYNCHRONIZE
| INTERNET_FLAG_NO_UI, to access a file on a web server.
In the web server, the file is defined to expire after 2 days.

I see 2 behaviors that I don't understand, and I hope someone can

__Issue 1__

After the 1st download, the file is stored in the temporary files
If I try to "InternetOpenUrl" during the 2 days before expiration,
I've expected that there will not be an access to the web server,
However I see (using Fiddler), that there is an access to the web
server with result 304.
Is there a way to avoid this access before expiration, so only local
cache is used ?

__ Issue 2__
In the previous scenario, although I see "304" in Fiddler,
HttpQueryInfo returns "200".
How can I get the real value ?
(Maybe this issue will be resolved after the 1st one is)

Thanks for any help,