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Subject: Cannot access website
Posted by:  Tony (
Date: Tue, 7 Nov 2006

I have a strange problem I can't find a solution to. I have a Win2003 box
with IIS6 running. I have a simple website running on port 80. This box sits
in my company's DMZ and is accessed by a Public IP that is then translated to
a DMZ IP. From inside the network, we access the box by just the DMZ IP. I am
not filtering any ports and there is no firewall between the server and
everything else.

Here is the problem: Every once in a while, we cannot get to our website
from outside the network, but we can always get to it from the inside. If we
reboot the server, we can get into it again from the outside. Nothing shows
up in any logs. I am fairly sure it is not a routing issue, but I am
mystified as to why this might be.