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Subject: Re: Cannot access website
Posted by:  David Wang (w3.4y…
Date: 7 Nov 2006

If the machine is dual-homed on different NICs and you see this outage
periodically, make sure you have network routing configured correctly
to have the gateway go through the "larger" of the dual-homed networks.
That is a classic misconfiguration of Windows Server 2003 done by many,
many people.

IIS doesn't decide to randomly go offline on one network interface but
not the other. So I believe this is a network/routing configuration
issue OUTSIDE of IIS.


Tony wrote:
> I have a strange problem I can't find a solution to. I have a Win2003 box
> with IIS6 running. I have a simple website running on port 80. This box sits
> in my company's DMZ and is accessed by a Public IP that is then translated to
> a DMZ IP. From inside the network, we access the box by just the DMZ IP. I am
> not filtering any ports and there is no firewall between the server and
> everything else.
> Here is the problem: Every once in a while, we cannot get to our website
> from outside the network, but we can always get to it from the inside. If we
> reboot the server, we can get into it again from the outside. Nothing shows
> up in any logs. I am fairly sure it is not a routing issue, but I am
> mystified as to why this might be.
> --
> Tony


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