Performance on IIS with 2003 server R2.

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Subject: Performance on IIS with 2003 server R2.
Posted by:  tomsk…
Date: 7 Nov 2006

Hi guys

I have a problem with performance web apllication installed on windows
2003 server r2 standard edition. This application it is reporting
application which retrive data via ODBC from IBM DB2 database.

When I called IE locally on server - and called application web page -
it's working perfectly and fast.
But when I try to call the same web page application using PC with WXP
remotely (I mean I open IE on PC and open application's web page on
server) - performance is horrible. The query working and working and
working .... and sometimes I get result and sometimes it's timed out.

What is more strange, I have also one PC with IIS on WXP which works as
a web server - with the same web application. And it works also
perfectly with remote access to web page (the same query, the same

Do you have any idea how to tune IIS on W2k3 server?

W2k3 server it is new Dell server (we bought it last week) and there
are not any other big application.

Thanks for your help.