401.2 in Internet Zone with "Automatic Logon only in Intranet Zone"

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Subject: 401.2 in Internet Zone with "Automatic Logon only in Intranet Zone"
Posted by:  Ian Cox (Ian1971@newsgroup.nospam)
Date: Mon, 13 Nov 2006


This may be an IE question rather than an IIS question but I'm not sure so
here goes...
In my (intranet) application I have a folder which does not allow anonymous
access. This allows me to capture the windows login names of my users and
automatically log them into my app. To cope with the situation where the
client browser is not correctly configured (e.g. not in intranet zone or
intranet zone not configured to send details), I am using IIS custom errors
to redirect the user to a custom error page (which then in turn uses
javascript to redirect them back to the application where they are presented
with a manual login page).
This works great except for one case which is where the application appears
to be in the Internet Zone and the user has the custom level set to
"Automatic Logon Only in Intranet Zone". In this case the user gets an IE
window login pop-up.
I have used Ethereal to trace what is actually being recieved by the client
and it seems that they are receiving the IIS custom error page but for some
reason this is causing the browser login pop-up for this case.
For all other cases they do not get the pop-up (e.g. If I set the Internet
Zone to anonymous then they end up on the manual login page and if I set it
to "Automatic Login with Current username and password" then I can detect
their windows login name and automatically log them in).

Any ideas how I can get around this?
Obviously one solution is to configure all the clients, but this is a long
process as I work for a large company with offices in most countries (many
of whom have non-standard IT set up).

Thanks in advance for any help