Problems with IIS & SSL

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Subject: Problems with IIS & SSL
Posted by:  Andrew (1800PRIVA…@NOWHERE.COM)
Date: Mon, 13 Nov 2006

I'm trying to move two SSL sites from one server to another.  The first site
moved without any problems, certificate and all.

When I setup the second site, I get an error when it starts.  The status in
IIS states "Cannot create a file when that file already exists".  When I
click on start I get the error "IIS was unable to start the site.  Another
site may already be using the port you configured for this site.  Please
select a unused port for this site."

I have Site 1 running on the IP Address, ports 80 & 443
I have Site 2 running on the IP Address, ports 80 & 443

This is working fine on the other server.

The sites are on different IP addresses, I should not be getting port usage

Ok the second issue, is with copying the certificate from the other server.
When I attempt to copy it, I get the error:  "Key not valid for use in the
specified state."

Any suggestions?