Using TSWEB and IIS6

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Subject: Using TSWEB and IIS6
Posted by:  Jason C (jason@*spammm*
Date: Mon, 13 Nov 2006

I have installed Terminal Services for a few temp off-site people to
use....I want them to be able to access terminal services via our web site.

The WWW server and TS server are one and the same.  When my users go to
http://www.<domain>.com/tsweb, they get the default Terminal Services www
site logon that asks for the computer name, but when they put the name in
and click on enter, they get the following error message:

"The specified remote computer could not be found.  Verify that you have
typed the correct compute name, or IP address,  then try connecting again."

The server OS is Win2k3, IE browsers being used are all IE 6.0 SP1.  I do
have a firewall in place.  Is there a special port that must be opened?

Any help would be appreciated.