Re: use https:// in website for security.

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Subject: Re: use https:// in website for security.
Posted by:  George W. Bush (…
Date: Tue, 14 Nov 2006

Ananth Ramasamy Meenachi wrote:
> Hi All,
>            An organization has a website which go with windows
> authentication to access their website and this website is accessed by their
> employee around 60,000 and accessed with a frequency atleast once in a day or
> more. They use https:// throught the website, Does is necessary ??? please
> help me with supporting documents.

SSL encrypts the data across the internet so it is not available to be
viewed in plain text. It would be advisable to leave the https:// as is.

> one more question, Can anyone hatch when i use http:// ?, should i go for
> https://?

Write a redirect so that requests that come into
get redirected to

> Thanks in advance,
> Ananth Ramasamy Meenachi



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use https:// in website for security. posted by Ananth Ramasamy Meenachi on Sun, 12 Nov 2006