Problem spawning executable from perl script on IIS

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Subject: Problem spawning executable from perl script on IIS
Posted by:  joker619 (kory.corona…
Date: 14 Nov 2006

I hope you guys can help, because this is not a perl issue.  I'm trying
to create a set of routines that allow me to execute server side
programs from IIS.  The script works great if I execute it myself.
What I have is a web page that calls a perl script, which in turn
spawns a win32 program.  The program simply creates a text file on the
server with content provided from the web page(it's just a test
program).  If I execute the perl script as myself, the text file
appears.  If I run it from the web page, I get a PID indicating the
program was spawned, but no text file shows up.  Perl runs corrtectly
in the browser so I think there is some kind of "hidden" permission
issue for the executable that i'm facing.  Any clues would be greatly
appreciated.  Thanks.

Some facts and figures:
Windows XP SP2 - no exotic configuration
Everything done on local machine.
ActiveState Perl 5.8.8 correctly installed and configured
Using Win32::Spawn ( $Exe, $Args, $Pid );
The app is a batch file compiled into a *.exe (because I couldn't get a
*.bat to spawn) that does the following:
    echo Passed args were: %1 %2 %3 %4 %5 > test.txt
IUSR & IWAM given full permissions on on the output directory