File or directory not found error

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Subject: File or directory not found error
Posted by:  Sundeep (…
Date: 14 Nov 2006


I have some files in the IIS server under the following path
(http://localhost/http-path/0/) When I type the path, I'm able to
browse the directory (all filenames are visible). But when I click on
any of the file... server is throwing File not found error.

Files are not web pages, instead they are text files (without any
extension) which i want to save on other machine (from wherever I
access my site).

I looked for solution in Google but, it solves the problem with respect
to web page (say cgi or php). Can anyone let me know where I'm going
wrong. permissions to files and parent folder are read, write and

Thanks in advance...

~!~ Sun ~!~