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Subject: Citrix web interface
Posted by:  Tester (nhahand…
Date: 16 Nov 2006

I want to install the following but need some (many) help.

I have a demo CD from Citrix with Presentation Server 4.0. And my goal
is the following.

I need some users in another country to access my Citrix server through
the web interface with internet explorer.
I have installed the following on a Windows 2003 server.
* Metaframe Presentation Server
* Presentation console
* Access Suite console
* Web interface

I red somewhere i needed to install IIS on the server so i did. Can
any1 explain to me, what i need to do?
I opened a port on the firewall already to get some access to that

Does any1 know where i can get a good documentation on how to install
this or can any1 explain to me, how i need to configure this server?