Move/Copy OWA?

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Subject: Move/Copy OWA?
Posted by:  Tim (T…
Date: Thu, 16 Nov 2006

I have an Exchange 2003 Server on our internal network.  While it is hidden
behind a NAT, HTTPS connections for OWA as well as SMTP connections are made
directly to it.

We have another Windows2003 Std server with IIS which has an SMTP connector
added to it.  It will live in our DMZ, but before having our ISP change the
NAT (i.e. leave the same public address for the MX record of our domain) from
the address of our internal Exchange server to that of this SMTP forwarder, I
need to figure out how to get OWA either moved onto this DMZ box OR simply
use the same NAT.  Could I then simply have the SMTP connector in IIS forward
messages to our internal Exchange and somehow have the home page to our OWA
site thrown on this forwarder?  It could then pass the entered credentials
back to the real Exchange server or a DC and then presto access to mailbox?

Ideally I'd like to avoid buying more hardware a software for a more secure
setup.  I've heard suggestions on putting in all on a standalone ISA server,
but I work for a small outfit.  Any ideas?