Session variables problem on Win 2003 R2

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Subject: Session variables problem on Win 2003 R2
Posted by:  rmarelli (rmarel…
Date: Thu, 23 Nov 2006


I am having some session problems with a mixed asp/ application.
My application works well on Win 2000 Server (all versions) and on Win 2003
(first edition), but on Win 2003 R2 I've a lot of problem.
On specific ASP pages my application looses all the session variables.In
other cases
it looses the session varables at random.

I checked all settings, IIS permissions, app pools, turned off recycling,
etc. This configuration is the same as different servers run Win 2003 (first
edition) where the application works well. I'm not using global.asa.

Where else can I look? What else can I do?