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Subject: Auth Diagnostics
Posted by:  SalamElias (eliassal@online.nospam)
Date: Mon, 27 Nov 2006

Hi, I don't know if it is the right place to ask this question, anyway,
please let me know if I should post anywhere else
I deployed W2k3 R2 based on an image using rapid deployment
Whenever I tried accesing a .aspx page, I get denied access to directory
    "C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v1.1.4322\Temporary ASP.NET Files" in
spit of the fact even everyone has all privilèges

I ran "auth Diagnostics ", I got several warnings as follows :

    Server's response: HTTP/1.1 403 Forbidden    Path:W3SVC/1/ROOT/aspnet_client
    Learn about IIS status codes            AuthType:Anonymous
    Server's response: HTTP/1.1 403
Forbidden    Path:W3SVC/1/ROOT/DOSI.Logistic.CanceledOrderChecker_Proxy
    Learn about IIS status codes            AuthType:Anonymous

I know ASP .net, I found that there was an issue with the only line in
    <%@ Application Codebehind="Global.asax.cs"
Inherits="TestHostInstance.Global" %>

I renamaed teh file on global1 so it won't be seen by IIS, I started
browsing the pages. I switched to the interface " auth Diagnostics", ran the
"Check auth..." test, I got the same results. In fact it was not

So, In reality the issue has nothing to do with any Access privilèges, what
is going wrong or is Auth Diag " is working correctly?

I tried to use some tropubleshooting tools, by starting the following commande
>>>>logman start W3wpTrace -p "IIS: Request Monitor" -ets, <<<<
>>>run in IE the same pages<<<
>>>then stop the session<<<<<

I get no output. I tried to write output to an etl file then trying to
display the contents in datagrid, I have nothing in the file

I woyuld highly appreciate any info regarding those 2 isseus, especially
logman is designed to troubleshoot low level IIS problems

Thanks in advance