how to configure virtual directory to use .Net v1.1 instead of v2.

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Subject: how to configure virtual directory to use .Net v1.1 instead of v2.
Posted by:  Rich (Ri…
Date: Tue, 28 Nov 2006


I am running IIS version 6.0 on win2003 server.  On original install of
everything we were using .Net framework v1.1 with Sql Server 2000, Reporting
Services 2000, Visual Studio 2003.  I came into the picture after this
original install.

Then we upgraded to .Net framework v2.0 and Visual Studio 2005. Still using
Sql Server 2000 and Reporting services 2000.  Now I cannot access Report
manager (which is a web service) for Reporting services 2000.  So, while
combing the NGs for a solution to this problem, someone pointed out that in
IIS 6.0, the properties dialog for a virtual directory is supposed to have 6
tabs: Virtual Directory, Documents, Directory Security, HTTP Headers, Custom
Errors, and ASPNET.  I don't have the ASPnet tab.  Is there something I need
to do to or configure on IIS to get this tab?

I can still deploy reports with RS2000, the ReportServer virtual dir (which
functions correctly and I can access) is probably still configured to run on
v1.1 while the Reports virtual dir  (used by Report Manager) probably got
reconfigured and is looking at v2.0.  The ASPNet tab has some options where I
can configure the virtual directory to point to .Net framework v1.1.  Is
there a way to do this without having the ASPNet tab?