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Subject: Loading web site
Posted by:  jzint (joey_zi…@irco.com)
Date: 30 Nov 2006

I set my computer up as a information server and loaded Front Page
Server Ext 2002.  I created the website and published it and it works
fine.  I set another computer up in our office as the actual server
that will contain the website.  I published the site from my computer
to the new server and weird things happened.  I lost the navigation bar
and it published a mirror image of the home page side by side in the
browser.  I also have an Access Data Base that the site is linking to
and it will not work either.  When I open up the home page in Front
Page, the design is the way that it is supposed to be as well as all of
the other pages.  It just is not right when you try to view it as a web
page in a browser.  I should be able to create and publish the site
from my computer to the server should I not?  I am totally confused as
to why it is all jumbled after I publish it to the other computer.