Trusting IIS7 self signed certificates

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Subject: Trusting IIS7 self signed certificates
Posted by:  Brad (lane@newsgroup.nospam)
Date: Thu, 7 Jun 2007

IIS7 in Vista provides the ability to create self signed certificates....which is a very nice feature for ASP.Net
developers when developing ssl web sites and web services.  However the certificates are not trusted,  which means a
browser will always present a warning,  and I suspect (though I have not tested)  accessing a local web service that
requires ssl would fail.    I have tried adding the self signed certificate to the trusted root certificates (though I
think the self signing may already have done this).

Is there any way to trust a self signed certificate....or do I have to get a certificate from a certificate authority?

I only need this for local development and testing. Currently I use win2k3 server as my os which, of course, can create
its own certificates without this problem...but I'm looking to migrate to vista