sessions being dropped and info not passed

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Subject: sessions being dropped and info not passed
Posted by:  me (
Date: Mon, 25 Jun 2007

For our webserver the rack is a P4 1.8 Ghz with 1.5 gig of ram running IIS 6
on Windows 2003 server.  We have 175 different domains served by this
server.  All of them are using Classic ASP with VBScript as the server side
language, and as of this time none are using ASP.Net

The databases are on 2 different machines(one for SQL Server DBs and another
for the Access DBs).

Every now and then we have an issue where a user will log into a site and
almost immediately their session will end.  Generally when this happens,
the user can log back on and not have another problem.  On a few very rare
occasions the user's session will end once more after they log back on.
However, the session ending very fast to the same user is extremely rare.

This is random as far as the actual domain that it may happen to.  This has
also happend to most if not all of the different domains on this server over
the last 10 months or so.  Does anyone have any ideas what I should be
looking for to resolve this issue?

Also every now and then we have an issue where after a user has filled out a
form and then submitted it, some of the data from the form fields is not
passed to the next page.  Sometimes these are hidden form fields  {page
level variables that are assigned to the page (none of these are session
variables, the value in the variable is either passed from the previosu page
or the value is assigned by a call to a recordset)} and sometimes they are
text fields the user has filled out.  I have done a for each loop on a
number of occassions to see what data is passed, and what isn't being
passed.  Generally,  it is just one or more of the hidden fields that is
left blank and very rarely it is all of the fields hidden as well as user
filled out (text, radio, checkbox).

Does anyone have any ideas why all of the information is not passed or in
some cases none of the information is passed?

Each of the above happens very infrequently.  So far I have not been able to
see amy discernable pattern as to what information is or isn't passed.
Obviously, the busier the site the more it is noticed.

Is the 1st problem (sessions being dropped) related to the 2nd (form
information not being passed)?