Set the IIS log type with C#

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Subject: Set the IIS log type with C#
Posted by:  freddo4… (freddo4…
Date: Tue, 26 Jun 2007


I'm new to C# and IIS.  I'm trying to set the logging type.

I'm creating a new website instance like so:

        DirectoryEntry site = (DirectoryEntry) root.Invoke ("Create",
"IIsWebServer", siteID);

and I'm setting some options like so before I commitChanges:

        site.Invoke ("Put", "ServerComment", webSiteName);

MSDN leads me to believe that:

        site.Invoke ("Put", "LogPluginClsid", sClsidNCSA);

will work if I can figure out the value of cClsidNCSA (the built in
NCSA logging).

How do I get this value?  Seems to me it would be a constant ...